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Company profileJieyang city jun dragon shipping co., LTD,Was established2000Years,The registered capital1000Wan。Headquarters base in shantou city of guangdong,For the development of the center of gravity in guangdong area,Is the earliest involved in large industrial zone of industry transfer in guangdong province、Big companies、The big brands to provide goods distribution of one of the professional freight company。To this day,After more than 10 years of working and business development,Prudent management,The most comprehensive strength has become the regional and professional services in one of the few large logistics companies。Guangdong la group has long term service、Litai pharmaceutical industry in guangdong、Guangdong China group、Guangdong gold group、Winsun food in guangdong、Guangdong huada toys and other famous enterprises,With the broad masses of customers...

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